Cooking the Product Stew

Ingredients include:
* very large tough customer with many needs and a strong tendency to waterfall
* 1 sales team that is not accountable in any way for the promises made
* 2 analysts trying to figure out what is needed and each is telling the teams what to do
* 1 PMO creating use cases on their own
* Remove 1 recently fired QA manager
* 26 teams in 5 locations across Europe
* 460 developers
* Top it off with a Chief Product Owner who has no direct line to the customer

* Mix ingredients well with confused priorities, then add large requirements docs whole
* Strain through a tight budget
* Process with high heat and pressure using the “do or die” setting.
* Then add Agile and Scrum, simmer till over budget.

Our chefs will describe the interesting fun they are having with this product stew, and how they are working with all the cooks in the kitchen to make a more tasty product from the stew we have today.