Groovy and Grails in App Engine

In this session, Guillaume Laforge, Groovy project manager, will walk you through a rapid introduction to Groovy, to get you up-to-speed with this popular JVM language. Then, he will guide you throughout demos on how to build some Web 2.0 mashups in a few lines of Groovy code, as well as how to deploy Grails application in the cloud. He’ll then close the session showing you various ways you can leverage Groovy to even further streamline and simplify the development of App Engine applications, thanks to several tips and tricks only a dynamic language like Groovy can provide. Out of the session, you’ll know: – enough of Groovy to get you started with the language – how to setup and configure a new App Engine application to use Groovy – how to write your first Groovy applications – how to deploy Grails applications on App Engine – how you can leverage the Groovy dynamic language to simplify the development of App Engine Groovy-powered applications