Kanban Practical Experiences and Tools

The talk will focus on the demonstration of tools and techniques that we used to create our pull-system and to optimize all the value chain, including services and support operations. In this session participants will also know about: what we are doing to organize scope (what) and priorities (why) in function of time (when); the strategies that we have been using to reduce variability and smooth the flow in our process; experiences in trying to create mutual trust relationships with customers while they are competing for your project resources and how we are trying to apply Kanban and Lean concepts to address this problem; the engineering practices and release management issues and how they deeply influence our process; how Kanban has been important in helping us to get a better understanding of what-we-do, why-we-do and how-we-are-doing. All topics will be discussed in the context of the tooling set that we are using to implement Kanban. There will be a quick demo of these tools at the end.

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