Kanban Flow and Cadence

An introduction to the three lean concepts of Kanban, Flow and Cadence, which combine to generate a more pipeline-based approach to software development, as opposed to the typical timebox-based approaches used by more traditional Agile methods. The presentation is split into 3 sections:
1 Kanban – This section will cover what a Kanban system is, how it works, how can it be applied to software development. It will show how a Kanban system can highlight bottlenecks, constraints and other areas for improvement, and describe a number of alternatives used by different teams;
2 Flow – This section will cover how to leverage a Kanban system for software development in order to maximise value and minimise waste. It will introduce the idea of Minimal Marketable Features as a tool to emphasise the value that is to be pulled through the pipeline;
3 Cadence – This section will describe how to manage releases and commitments in the absence of traditional iterations and iteration planning. Cycle Time, Throughput and Cumulative Flow Diagrams will be introduced to explain how rolling wave planning can be achieved with minimal investment and inventory.

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