What they Don’t Teach You About Software at School: Be Smart!

This is a keynote given by Ivar Jacobson at Jazoon 2009. One of the most popular buzzwords in software development is agile. Today everyone wants to be agile. That is good! However, being agile is not enough. You also need to be smart. What does that mean? Smart is about being agile, but it is also about doing the right things, the right way. You can become smarter through training. However, without experience your alternatives are too many and only a few of them are smart. Experience is of course something you can get sooner or later, but it takes time if you must learn by your own mistakes. This is where the utilization of “smart-cases” becomes essential. In this talk, Dr. Ivar Jacobson will describe a large number of smart-cases when developing software. It is about working with people, teams, projects, requirement, architecture, modeling, documentation, testing, process, and more.