Lean Requirements

Agile development practices introduced, adopted and extended the User Story as the primary currency for expressing application requirements within the agile enterprise. However, as powerful as this innovative concept is, by itself the user story does not provide an adequate construct for reasoning about investment, system-level requirements and acceptance testing across the enterprises project team, program and portfolio organizational and system hierarchy. Building enterprise-class software systems in an agile manner requires a richer model for discussing requirements-related concepts including not only user stories, but Investment Themes, Epics, Features and Nonfunctional Requirements as well as the various types of acceptance testing that helps assure system quality. In this tutorial, Dean Leffingwell describes a Lean and Scalable Agile Enterprise Requirements Information Model that scales to the full needs of the enterprise, while also providing a quintessentially agile subset for the agile project teams that do most of the work. This model has been developed and applied effectively in a number of very large scale agile enterprises, some supporting thousands of practitioners

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