What’s New and Exciting in JPA 2.0

The Java Persistence API (JPA) has taken the Java development world by storm and is now recognized as the enterprise standard for object-relational persistence. The masses have settled into using JPA as a means to persist Java objects to relational databases, but sometimes they require features that are either missing or not fully specified in the 1.0 release. JPA 2.0 is filling in the feature gap and introducing many of the additional features that developers have asked for. We will examine where the current standard stops and where the new 2.0 release continues on. We will discuss some of the tricks to using some of the new features and when it may be appropriate to use them. This session will be suitable for anyone either using JPA or planning to use it at some point in the future. People that are just curious about what JPA offers and what it will offer in the future may also find this session interesting.