NOSQL Meetup San Francisco – Voldemort

Voldemort is a distributed key-value store written in Java. Jay is a interesting laid-back guy with some strong opinions. This was one of the best things about the presentations: people said what they thought and the audience seemed to listen and understand, rather than attack (until later, when we got to the java/c++ stuff). These opinions were definitely a memorable part of his presentation.


*Voldemort is a partitioned key-value store.
*Conventional RDBMS don’t scale for services.
*Make model fit implementation (Make it easy for developers to understand the impact of specific methods.)
*90% of caches fix problems that shouldn’t exist; all caching should be in the storage layer
*Voldemort has a flexible deployment architecture that makes it possible to reduce the number of hops an operation takes (e.g., put the router in the client).
*Partitioning should handle nodes with different performance characteristics.
*Storage is pluggable.
*HTTP client doesn’t perform.
*They are planning for Hadoop integration; haven’t done it yet.
*Vector clocks for conflict resolution