Building maintainable enterprise WPF applications using Composite Application Guidance

Are you building complex enterprise applications with WPF? Once you get past the initial twilight period of amazement at WPF’s power, you’ll quick arrive a set of real problems that the WPF books might not answer. How can you partition that application into separately evolving pieces that can be developed and tested by separate teams. How can you introduce new components in the UI without breaking the entire system? How can you support complex interactions and transactions across the different UI components without having the code become a tangled un-maintainable mess? How can you build the system in a unit-testable manner? If any of these questions apply to you, come to this session and find out about the new Composite Application Guidance that we recently shipped in patterns & practices. We’ll look at core aspects of the guidance and the types of systems you’ll build using it. We’ll also explore how you can incrementally adopt the capabilities that make sense for you rather than being forced to “take the whole kitchen sink.”