JRuby and Beyond: A Renaissance for the Java Platform

The Java platform is changing. No longer can a developer get by just knowing Java. There’s JRuby providing Ruby and Rails. There’s Groovy with Grails and other frameworks. Jython for Django. Scala with Lift. Rhino for JavaScript and frameworks like Phobos. And all of them provide not only access to their own frameworks and libraries, but first-class Java scripting capabilities. If you aren’t on a project that uses one of these languages today…you will be soon. This talk will explore JRuby as an example of how the Renaissance Developer on the Java Platform is solving classic problems in new, dynamic ways. We’ll look at your favorite Java problem domains like GUI applications and web development, showing how Ruby provides a new and exciting approach. We’ll explore new domains for Ruby, like 2D/3D graphics and games, made easier by Java libraries for both. And we’ll have a conversation about where languages like Ruby are going to take the Java platform in the future…and where they’re going to take you.