SpringOne 2008 Keynote Day Two

Adrian Colyer is the CTO of SpringSource and has over a dozen years of experience leading teams in Java and enterprise middleware. Adrian Colyer is the leader of the AspectJ open source project and a well-known industry expert on the topic of aspect-oriented programming (AOP). He is a co-author of the book “Eclipse AspectJ : Aspect-Oriented Programming in Eclipse with AspectJ and AJDT,” and has also published numerous book chapters, articles and published papers. His short essay, “AOP without the buzzwords” has been described as “the best explanation of AOP, ever.” In 2004, Adrian was recognised as one of the top 100 young innovators in the world by MIT Technology Review for his contributions to the development and adoption of aspect-oriented programming in industry. Adrian founded the AspectJ Development Tools project (AJDT) on Eclipse.org in 2003, a project that continues to lead the world in providing IDE support for AOP. As leader of the AspectJ project, Adrian has overseen several releases of the compiler and designed and implemented many of the AspectJ 5 language extensions to support Java 5 features.