Mark Reinhold and Alex Buckley Devoxx Interview

Ted Neward interviews both Mark Reinhold and Alex Buckley at Devoxx 2008. During this interview they discuss the future Java SE 7, the newly announced Jigsaw modularity project and how this might look like for the Java developers. Ted also tried to get more info about a possible schedule for Java SE 7! Mark Reinhold is a Principal Engineer at Sun Microsystems, where he works on the Java Platform, Standard Edition, and the OpenJDK Project. His past contributions to the platform include character-stream readers and writers, reference objects, shutdown hooks, the NIO high-performance I/O APIs, library generification, and service loaders. He was the lead engineer for the 1.2 and 5.0 releases and the specification lead for Java SE 6. He currently leads the engineering team for the OpenJDK Project and also serves as chair of the OpenJDK Governance Board. Alex Buckley is Computational Theologist at Sun Microsystems, responsible for the Java Language Specification and the Java VM Specification. He is currently spec lead for JSRs on modularity and annotations planned for Java SE 7.