Distributed SCRUM as a Supplier – one year after

Last year, I exposed some of the initial lessons learned during the initial operation of two agile projects based on a mixed onshore-offshore model. One year after, the projects are concluded overall successfully, and some major additional lessons are learned: personalities and culture matter, hands-on management is as important as ever and agility concepts can be applied to an organization besides projects. Presentation by Cristiano Sadun (TietoEnator) at Smidig 2008.

Additional resources

Presentation Powerpoint slides

Hyperproductive Distributed Scrum Teams (Vidéo)

The secrets of doing agile offshoring with success (Vidéo)

Distributed Scrum: Agile Project Management with Outsourced Development (Article)

Making Distributed Agile Work (Article)

Using an Agile Software Process with Offshore Development (Article)

Offshore outsourcing with Scrum: Interview with Jeff Sutherland


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