EJB 3.1 Overview

Kenneth Saks is the specification lead for Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1 (JSR 318) . This talk will give the latest update on the contents of the EJB 3.1 specification , which will soon be released for Public Draft Review. With its 3.0 release, the Enterprise JavaBeansâ„¢ (EJBâ„¢) architecture underwent a dramatic simplification targeted at ease of use for application developers. The purpose of the Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1 specification is to further simplify the EJB architecture by reducing its complexity from the developer’s point of view, while also adding new features in response to the needs of the community. Topics will include : .war packaging of EJB components, improved unit testing support, portable global JNDI names, singleton beans, startup/shutdown callbacks, a simplified(no interface) local view, asynchronous session bean invocations, automatic timer creation, and more.