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Programming with GUTs

These days testing is considered a sexy topic for programmers. Who’d have thought it? But what makes for good unit tests (GUTs)? There’s more to effective unit testing than just knowing the assertion syntax of a framework.

Writing Good Unit Tests

This video provides advice, tips, and tricks on how to write good unit tests—the hardest part of test-driven development. It discusses the differences between TDD and unit testing, the benefits of unit tests, and the attributes of

Introduction to Test-Driven Development

This video covers the basics of test-driven development (TDD). Find out more about what TDD is, what it isn’t, the challenges you’ll face, and why you’ll want to implement it. It covers the following topics: * Test-Driven

Scala and Sbt

This video shows you how to install the Scala sdk and Simple Build Tool, sbt. You will also see how to create a mini sbt-project to demonstrate how you can get started with unit testing using Scalatest

Using ApprovalTests .Net with NUnit

This video shows how to set up and start using ApprovalTests with Nunit. Both are open source tools that will help you perform unit testing on your .NET code.