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Writing Good Unit Tests

This video provides advice, tips, and tricks on how to write good unit tests—the hardest part of test-driven development. It discusses the differences between TDD and unit testing, the benefits of unit tests, and the attributes of

Introduction to Test-Driven Development

This video covers the basics of test-driven development (TDD). Find out more about what TDD is, what it isn’t, the challenges you’ll face, and why you’ll want to implement it. It covers the following topics: * Test-Driven

C++ And TDD: Getting Started

This video provides a demonstration of Test-Driven Development (TDD) in C++ using the Eclipse CDT and CppUTest.

The Tough Questions About Testing

Unit testing is a part of Test-Driven Development, but TDD is not only about Unit testing. In TDD, you usually write tests before you write any application code, and these test serve as documentation. However, Behavior-Driven development

Learning TDD through Test-first Teaching

How to get started with TDD? Test-First Teaching is an innovative teaching approach that is gaining widespread adoption. Sarah Allen talks about how she teaches Ruby and Rails through a test-first approach. She demonstrates test-first teaching and