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The JBoss SOA Platform

The JBoss SOA Platform was released in February 2008 and has quickly become a significant open source SOA infrastructure. In this presentation we shall look at the architecture of the SOA Platform, what principles it is based

SOA Patterns

The presentation is still beneficial and addresses a few interesting issues that are challenging like flexibility, reporting and management of SOA. Related blog post with slides

SOA With Web Services, In Practice

This presentation discusses specific SOA properties that might result in major problems and concrete ways to solve such problems including appropriate decoupling, appropriate processes for dealing with life-cycles and heterogeneous repositories, and pragmatic solutions for interoperability, reliability,

Be Prepared for SOA Security: Secure Your Java EE 5 for a Rude World

That rude and harsh world outside our development shops can be chartered with the right gear for every situation. No application can stand alone and must work together with other applications in a team of trust to

Apache ServiceMix

SOA is simply a way to think when designing systems. Service oriented integration is a way to leverage investments in existing IT systems using the principles of SOA. Apache ServiceMix is an enterprise service bus (ESB) that