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SOA Patterns

The presentation is still beneficial and addresses a few interesting issues that are challenging like flexibility, reporting and management of SOA. Related blog post with slides

Be Prepared for SOA Security: Secure Your Java EE 5 for a Rude World

That rude and harsh world outside our development shops can be chartered with the right gear for every situation. No application can stand alone and must work together with other applications in a team of trust to

Apache ServiceMix

SOA is simply a way to think when designing systems. Service oriented integration is a way to leverage investments in existing IT systems using the principles of SOA. Apache ServiceMix is an enterprise service bus (ESB) that

Enterprise Application Architecture Styles

This seminar talk will traverse the territory of architectural style within enterprise applications. Beginning with a brief survey of the prior art, it will propose candidate names and typical characteristics of architectural styles observed in the wild.

Work with Web Services in Flex

This video shows how to use the WDSL Introspection wizard to build a web service client and make remote call to a SOAP endpoint (Apache Axis).