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How to get Started with ServiceMix

Guillaume Nodet talks about his history in open source, tips on how to get started with Aparche ServiceMix, use cases for ServiceMix, and what’s new in ServiceMix 4.0. Related resources: * Apache ServiceMix Home Page * Apache

SOA and Color Modeling: A Lean Approach to Reusable Component Definition

The method of Modeling in Color (MIC) has its foundation in object-oriented analysis and design; however, given today ís modern service oriented architectures (SOA), the approach is more relevant than ever. In any SOA, MIC can provide

Event Driven Architecture

However, as application complexity increases, the coupling of services becomes an impediment in adapting applications to meet the ever-changing goals of the business. Event Driven Architecture (EDA) is a method of designing and implementing systems where events

Greg the Architect: SOA This! SOA That!

Greg the Architect obtains instructions from his CIO to scope and deliver an SOA solution for their company. See what happens.

The JBoss SOA Platform

The JBoss SOA Platform was released in February 2008 and has quickly become a significant open source SOA infrastructure. In this presentation we shall look at the architecture of the SOA Platform, what principles it is based