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Service Oriented Architecture in the Ruby World

As your application grows in complexity, breaking it up into independent components that communicate over a stable API contract can reduce that complexity into smaller maintainable concerns. Instead of deploying multiple Rails applications, there are leaner alternatives

Advanced Software Architectures with Open Source

Learn how to more efficiently interact and develop with components of a service-oriented architecture(SOA) and how to build a stable and scalable system that can grow with ever changing requirements using open source frameworks.

Micro-Service Architecture

This technical discusses services-based architectures and how it has evolved in the speaker’s experience to being a myriad of tiny (100 lines of code typically), loosely coupled applications. SOA, service-oriented architectures, burst on the scene in the

What is a Service Oriented Architecture?

The Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a design to overcome former limitations by disaggregating databases, communications and applications into separate “services”. Under such an arrangement each of the major components of a corporate system is a stand-alone

Compositional CRUD for SOA

The core idea of Compositional CRUD is to provide the basic CRUD operations not as discrete SOA services but as composable commands following the Command Pattern and the Promise Pipelining concept. This Jazoon Conference presentation shows how