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Deep Dive MVVM

MVVM is a very important pattern used in Silverlight, WPF and Windows Phone 7 applications. This video shows you with a lot of code samples how to build complex interactive applications using proven best practices and powerful

The Whole Brain Developer

This session looks at the importance of right-brained thinking in UI design and suggest strategies for left-brain-tending developers to learn to tap into right-brain skills. It’s a truism in our industry that many developers just can’t design

Going Out Of Browser with Silverlight

In this episode we are going to take a look at how we can use the take our in-browser Silverlight application and allow it to run Out of Browser (OOB). We will take a look at how

Using Dynamic Languages to Develop Microsoft Silverlight Applications

Learn how to use the Microsoft Visual Basic/C# DLR integration to test a statically-typed application with IronRuby. See how to develop a Silverlight application end-to-end with IronRuby, and how programming with dynamic languages helps improve the dev

Building Microsoft Silverlight Controls

Learn how to encapsulate structure, animation, and logic inside custom controls that handle theming, layout, validation, and data binding. Using Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Expression Blend, explore advanced design, coding, debugging, and testing techniques for building