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Secure Coding Patterns

What is “secure code”? This session introduces you to a safe mindset when developing applications. Learn how to make the concept of “trust” a first class citizen in your code, and know what to look for when

Security for Software Developers

What makes SSL secure, and when is it not? How do we handle sensitive data in our apps/systems? Is encrypted data always protected (and protected against what)? Can we trust the code just because we wrote and/or

The Future of Security isn’t Preventing Attacks

Every year billions of dollars are spent on preventing breaches in software applications. While some of these systems are doing a sufficient job of keeping data away from the hands of attackers, it has become clear that

Security at Scale at Google

For most developers, the security team at Google is a black box. Yet Safe Browsing and its API have been around for years and currently protect over a billion users. We also recently launched the source code

Application Security Pitfalls

Creating a secure application involves more then just applying Spring Security to it. This is of course not a new topic, but with the increased popularity of much more dynamic configurations for Servlet Containers and various Spring