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Scala versus Kotlin versus Java8

This talk is focusing on practical differences between three programming languages: Scala, Kotlin and Java8. It talks about practical daily programming, with bit of lambdas and collections. What is missing in Scala compared to Java8? When are

Microservices Architecture Patterns in the Cloud

Gilt, a billion dollar e-commerce company, implemented a sophisticated microservices architecture on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure to handle millions of customers visiting their site at noon every day. The microservices architecture pattern enables independent service

Functional Programming in Scala is Terrible

As a conceptual framework, functional programming empowers us to write software that is modular, highly reusable, and easy to reason about. But practicing this discipline in Scala comes with a number of difficulties and idiosyncrasies that need

Introduction to Scala

This video provides an introduction to the Scala programming language. The presentation introduces both the object-oriented and functional aspects of Scala and also covers some more advanced topics like option types, for comprehensions and implicits. The talk

Scala, JavaFX, Java EE 7 and Enterprise Integration

Learn how to use Scala to build a JavaFX application that talks to a Java EE 7 application server. Scala is an object-functional language that improves on Java in several areas. Java EE 7 is the enterprise