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Developing for Google Glass in Rails

Google Glass is finally reaching the hands of a programmer near you. Are you ready to start developing for it? Kunal Modi and Han Kang, of Thristlabs, give an insightful and informative foundation to a bunch of

Rails Versus The Client Side

Two completely different ways have emerged for using Ruby on Rails as the back end to a rich client-side JavaScript application.

Simple and Elegant Rails Code with Functional Style

Do you have to look at Rails models with 2500 lines of code? Or 200 line methods loaded with iterators, conditionals and instance variables? Not only you, even the code author does not understand what’s going on

Ruby on Rails versus Java in Fortune 500 Companies

Ruby and Rails are home to a lot of very smart people who create wonderful things. Some of us work in a different world. Dean Pannell has spent most of the last few years working on applications

Services and Rails: The Shit They Don’t Tell You

Building services and integrating them into Rails is hard. We want smaller Rails apps and nicely encapsulated services, but services introduce complexity. If you go overboard in the beginning, you’re doing extra work and getting some of