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Code is What Code Does

Have you ever looked at Ruby code and struggled to grasp what the code actually does despite understanding all the Ruby language bits the code uses? Or maybe you’ve tried debugging a problem where the stack trace

Breaking Up a Monolithic Application

Groupon recently completed a year-long project to migrate its U.S. web traffic from a monolithic Ruby on Rails application to a new multi-application stack with substantial results. Learn the strategies, techniques, and tools used to peel apart

Inside The Ruby Toolbox

This presentation looks at what kind of tools the Ruby community is good at building, what kind of tools we are bad at, and most of all, some of the tooling we should be working on to

Immutability in Clojure, Ruby, Javascript and Python

This talk surveys the current state of immutable data in Ruby, JavaScript and Python, comparing and contrasting it to Clojure. Following the rise of Clojure, many of us have become aware of the idea of immutable data

Service Oriented Architecture in the Ruby World

As your application grows in complexity, breaking it up into independent components that communicate over a stable API contract can reduce that complexity into smaller maintainable concerns. Instead of deploying multiple Rails applications, there are leaner alternatives