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Alan Cooper Talks About Understanding Personas

Interaction design luminary Alan Cooper discusses the importance of using personas in designing interfaces that will help your users to achieve their goals.

Art of saying NO

Feature gluttony is a common sin among software development projects. Customers deliver never ending wish list of features they want. However, the key is not to build everything, but only things that are really needed. Learn how

Conversation Patterns for Software Developers

We have created lots of tools which are intended to structure fuzzy or unclear business needs. We have created use cases, user stories, acceptance test and so forth. Although the tools above were designed to improve collaboration

Stop Throwing Money Out The Window Lean Startup

This talk is about the lean startup movement and how its ideas can be applied in order to incrementally build a product based on validated learning. We will discuss how adding features without first identifying our assumptions

Worse Is Better in Software Development

Over two decades ago, Richard P Gabriel proposed the thesis of “Worse Is Better” to explain why some things that are designed to be pure and perfect are eclipsed by solutions that are seemingly limited and incomplete.