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Python Driven Company

Adopting Python across a company brings extra agility and productivity not provided by traditional mainstream tools like Excel. This is the story of programmers teaching non-programmers, from different departments, to embrace Python in their daily work.

Python 2.7 and Python 3

Kenneth Reitz, Python evangelist at Heroku and author of the popular Requests library, discusses the state of Python today, the division in the community, and how we can forge ahead into a shiny future.

Scalable Realtime Architecture With Python

This talk will focus on you can readily implement highly scalable and fault tolerant realtime architectures, such as dashboards, using Python and tools like Storm, Kafka, and ZooKeeper. We will focus on two related aspects: composing reliable

Immutability in Clojure, Ruby, Javascript and Python

This talk surveys the current state of immutable data in Ruby, JavaScript and Python, comparing and contrasting it to Clojure. Following the rise of Clojure, many of us have become aware of the idea of immutable data

Scalling Prezi from 25 to 25 million users has been built on Python code from the start. That’s about the only thing that has remained constant in’s codebase as it grew. Along the way, we’ve had to solve all sorts of interesting problems.