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Building Your First MongoDB Application

MongoDB is a document-store open source NoSQL database featuring a dynamic schema, ad hoc queries, powerful aggregation framework, high availability and consistency, as well as a scaling solution to grow with your application.

Apache Cassandra at Instagram

As Instagram has scaled to over 200 million users, so has its use of the Cassandra NoSQL database. Instagram has built new features and rebuilt old on Cassandra, and it’s become an extremely mission-critical foundation of its


Predictions are hard to get right, especially when they involve the future. Rather than predict the future, I’ll explain how I view the relational and NoSQL database worlds today, especially the MySQL product and community, but including

10 Common Misconceptions about CouchDB

I’ve consulted with hundreds of people who use the CouchDB NoSQL database and the same sorts of questions keep coming up. This talk explains more about the kinds of mistakes many users make when thinking about how

Introduction to Couchbase

Couchbase Server is a NoSQL document database for interactive applications. This session introduces Couchbase Server, the underlying distributed architecture, with a hands-on tour of Couchbase including online rebalancing while adding nodes to a cluster, indexing and querying