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Developing PHP and MySQL Applications with Windows Azure

Learn how to build rich, multi-tier applications in the cloud using PHP and MySQL, taking advantage of new Windows Azure features. This session will cover using PHP, MySQL, and memcached in Windows Azure.

State of MariaDB

Monty, the co-founder of MySQL and now project lead of MariaDB, discusses what MariaDB is all about. MariaDB is a database server that offers drop-in replacement functionality for MySQL1. He presents an overview of the future of

Migration From Oracle to MySQL

This talk will cover what a few Oracle experts (but MySQL newbies) learned in a recent migration at It discusses how we separated our previously monolithic database into smaller, more functionally cohesive databases and some of

MariaDB, the Backward Compatible Branch of MySQL(R) Database Server

MariaDB is a community developed, backward compatible, drop-in replacement branch of the MySQL(R) Database Server. What is MariaDB all about, and what is its future? What can you do with new features added in the first GA

An Overview of the MySQL Engine and its Latest Features

The first part of this talk describes the main principles behind MySQL’s query optimizer and execution engine, how the optimizer transforms queries into executable query plans, what these plans look like, and how they are executed. The