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DRBD and MySQL: High Availability Match Made In Heaven

DRBD is popular as a good low-cost high availability solution for MySQL. It offers synchronous data replication without MySQL having to worry about the details. You can avoid some of the problems of MySQL’s statement based replication

Working with MySQL and SUM

In this screencast, you are going to learn a MySQL query trick. You might be already familiar with the SUM() and IF() functions. We will be combining them to come up with some useful queries. This can

PHP/MySQL User System: Validation

This video shows how to add validation to a registration form. We validate name, email, and password, as well as display error messages to the user. Producer: ThinkVitamin

PostgreSQL versus MySQL

A comparison between the two databases presented by Ed Boyajian, the CEO of EnterpriseDB. Video Producer: NYC MySQL Group

Connecting MySQL and Python

This talk gives an overview of how to connect to MySQL and which drivers are available today under Python v2.x, and tomorrow’s Python v3.x. We’ll dive into MySQLdb, its strong history, its present. We’ll go over OurSQL