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MySQL Applications Architecture and Design

This presentation discusses the process that MySQL architects should follow in order to design efficient and scalable MySQL powered applications. It covers the questions you should be asking about the performance, high availability, security and scalability of


Predictions are hard to get right, especially when they involve the future. Rather than predict the future, I’ll explain how I view the relational and NoSQL database worlds today, especially the MySQL product and community, but including

MySQL and NoSQL at Craigslist

Craigslist uses a variety of data storage technologies, both SQL (MySQL) and NoSQL (Redis, MongoDB, memcached, etc). Craigslist’s Jeremy Zawodny discusses some of the systems architecture at Craigslist; with a focus on data storage technologies: what is

Scaling MySQL at Pinterest has grown to 2.5 billion page views per month in just under a year, and the number one question we’re asked at parties is “what’s in your stack?” Sit back while we take you on a

MySQL Workbench

This video explains why so many DBAs and developers use MySQL Workbench every day to designs, develops and administers MySQL databases.