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Your Change Initiative Doesn’t Have to Fail

The vast majority of change initiatives fail. Fortunately we have approaches like Kanban or, in a broader context, Lean and Systems Thinking. They help us to address the challenges we face when running our change programs. We

Kanban Not so Hidden Agenda

What do you want from Kanban? Help self-organising teams make better decisions? Improve service delivery? Or something bigger perhaps, impacting on organization and culture? Hear a modern take on Kanban, the humane, “start with what you do

Myths & Miscommunications about Kanban

During the Kanban Leaders Retreat (KLRUS) in San Diego last November of 2012, several leading kanban coaches, trainers, and practitioners participated in a session focused on identifying some of the “surprising” myths and misconceptions about the Kanban

Using Kanban for Strategic Change Management

Learn how do to effectively change the way we change by applying Lean, Agile and Kanban practices. With the help of specific case studies from various companies in Switzerland, Germany and Austria we´ll explore some good practices

What Would You Do? Learning from Kanban Charts

This session walk you through charts from real Kanban teams asking “what should be happening”?