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Yehuda Katz Discusses the State of jQuery

In this “State of jQuery” talk, Yehuda (who is one of the core members of the jQuery team) covers the updates in jQuery 1.4.3, as well as the plans for jQuery 1.5, due next year. He also

Applications Development with jQuery

jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library in use today because it allows to create web pages with rich user experiences. This tutorial shows you how to do things like add custom widgets and provide enhanced usability

Ajax Libraries Compared: Prototype versus jQuery

Contrary to popular belief, Ajax is not rocket science, especially with the right library. This videos explore the popular Prototype and jQuery libraries showing how they can simplify typical Ajax techniques and make JavaScript easier to work

jQuery 101

Web 2.0 is here to stay. jQuery is a JavaScript library that abstracts away all of the gory details of working with JavaScript for web applicatons. This session demonstrates how to added Jquery to your ASP.NET applications

Holistic Performance

Working on the development of jQuery one tends to learn about all the performance implications of a particular change to a JavaScript code base (whether it be from an API change or a larger internals rewrite). Performance