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Evolution of Front End Architectures

During this presentation you’ll see the evolution of front end architectures, from a central event emitter or a publisher/subscribe system, currently used in several JavaScript libraries and framework, to Reactive programming and channels communication offered by CSP

AngularJS in the Enterprise – Lessons from the Trenches

This presentation covers the ten main questions any software developer will have to ask themselves when making an JavaScript Angular application in .NET context today.

Modern Web Frontend Engineering

The web has evolved tremendously in the last decade. This talk dives into the latest tools and techniques that make for a modern foundation for web frontend engineering. We will start with bootstrapping with Yeoman, move into

HTML5 and JavaScript Clients in the Enterprise

What does it mean to create an enterprise application when you are using a JavaScript client and Java-based REST services? Are the same definitions or concerns of the past relevant in this new architecture?

JavaScript, the Language of Chuck Norris

JavaScript, like English, is the language of commerce and is spoken everywhere – usually badly. Like English there is widespread debate about the best way to speak JavaScript – and if there even *is* a good way.