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Microservices Minus the Hype

Few topics in software architecture discussions yield as much heat as that of microservices, deploying functionality in granular, API-driven modules. This session uncovers the upsides and downsides of adopting a microservices architecture and why, with certain exceptions,

Scala versus Kotlin versus Java8

This talk is focusing on practical differences between three programming languages: Scala, Kotlin and Java8. It talks about practical daily programming, with bit of lambdas and collections. What is missing in Scala compared to Java8? When are

Modelling Microservices at Spotify

One of the challenges with a microservices architecture is understanding it. How do you figure out what connects to what, where things are deployed, what capabilities the total system of services has?

From Object Oriented to Functional Domain Modeling

The main consequence of the introduction of lambda expressions in Java 8 is the possibility of conveniently mixing the object oriented and the functional paradigms. Nevertheless the biggest part of Java developers is not used yet to

Java on Mobile

With JavaFX, Java made its comeback on the client. It has never been easier to create an application in Java and deploy it on desktop, mobile and tablet. This presentation shows the current state of JavaFX on