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HTML5 and JavaScript Clients in the Enterprise

What does it mean to create an enterprise application when you are using a JavaScript client and Java-based REST services? Are the same definitions or concerns of the past relevant in this new architecture?

Web Fundamentals

Many of us have worked with abstractions over Web technologies such as HTTP, but REST, HTML5, and WebSocket are requiring us to understand how the Web really works. What actually happens when a Web browser opens a

The State of Mobile HTML5

Tomomi Imura gives her opinions on the current state of HTML5 on mobile. Yes, HTML5 is constantly evolving, and more features are constantly created and implemented, but are all these shiny new features ready for mobile? Well,

A Brave New Web

This presentation discusses the future of the web. The conversation centers on web components. It begins with a little bit of history, taking a look at standards from the past, and then focuses on these modern specifications:

Overview of NetBeans IDE 8

NetBeans IDE 8 delivers full support for the latest Java 8 technologies. This includes new enhancements for Maven and Java EE, new tools for HTML5, and improved support for PHP and C/C++.