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Dart with GWT

This video a variety of ways to use Dart with Google Web Toolkit. There are a lot of GWT developers out there who would like to give Dart a shot, but they aren’t sure how because they

Introduction to Errai

Errai is an open source project from JBoss that provides a comprehensive framework and tools for building rich web applications, leveraging the GWT compiler. With standard server-side APIs, such as CDI, in the browser, managing large web

Developing Vaadin Widgets with Scala and GWT

This video presents a novel approach for developing client-side extensions to Vaadin with Scala.

Architecting GWT applications for production at Google

For large Google Web Toolkit (GWT) applications, there’s a lot you should think about early in the design of your project. GWT has a variety of technologies to help you, but putting it all together can be

GWT + HTML5 Can Do What?!

This session show how can you take advantage of new HTML5 features in your GWT applications in the form of demos. We’ll cover examples of how to use Canvas for advanced graphics, CSS3 features, Web Workers, and