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Flex Testing with FlexMonkey Reloaded: Introduction Video

The video introduces you to the latest version of FlexMonkey and shows you how to set up your Flex or AIR project. Video Producer: http://www.gorillajawn.com/

Object Oriented Programming in Flex

This video defines what object-oriented programming means and explains the role that classes play in an object’s behavior.

Build Your First Flex 4 Application

This short tutorial describes how to build a Flex 4 application using Flash Builder 4. Discover the benefits of controlling components’ properties such as improved efficiency in managing data.

Debug Flex and PHP Code Using Flash Builder

This video presents how to debug the code of a combined Flex and PHP project using Flash Builder 4 and Zend Studio 7.1. It reviews how to use breakpoints to test your application.

Test-driven development in Flex

This presentation will demonstrate how to implement user stories taking a test-first approach and how to set up a continuous build.