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Building Rich Client Applications with Eclipse 4

Eclipse Rich Client Platform 4.2 makes delivering applications on the desktop easier than ever. This session presents examples to demonstrate how easy it is to use dependency injection to assemble loosely coupled services and customize the appearance

Eclipse Mylyn: Connecting Agile, ALM and the IDE

Mylyn is the task and application lifecycle management (ALM) framework for Eclipse. This talk will showcase Mylyn and the broad ecosystem which encompasses over 50 different integrations for ALM systems. We will demonstrate how tasks, source code

A Retrospective on Ten Years of Eclipse

In this keynote, John Swainson talks about the events that led to IBM’s 2001 decision to sponsor the creation of Eclipse and the donation of the people, code, and intellectual property that started Eclipse on its incredible

What Is New in Xtext 2.0

Xtext is a framework for development of programming languages and domain specific languages. It covers all aspects of a complete language infrastructure, from parsers, over linker, compiler or interpreter to fully-blown top-notch Eclipse IDE integration. Xtext makes

Maven integration with Eclipse

This short tutorial shows you how to integrate Maven with Eclipse. Maven is a build tool traditionally used in Java and Java EE projects to compile source files, execute unit tests and assemble distribution artifacts. Maven can