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Type Checking your DSLs

Since Groovy 2.0, the Groovy language offers the ability to type check your code at compile time. Type checking is a nice feature for people who come from a strongly typed language world and do not feel

Metaprogramming with Nemerle

Nemerle is one of the very few languages that can be extended by developers. Nemerle macros allow extending language syntax and automate routine operations that developers face every day and cannot solve by using traditional techniques to

Are You Talking my (Programming) Language?

This is an introduction to JetBrains Meta Programming System (MPS). Learn how to create several Java language extensions, play a bit with the existing ones, show several handy DSLs, build a web application and then put all

Hammurabi: A Scala Rule Engine

Hammurabi is a rule engine written in Scala that tries to leverage the features of this language making it particularly suitable to implement extremely readable internal Domain Specific Languages. What makes Hammurabi different from all other rule

Implementing Emergent Design

This session describes the current thinking about emergent design, discovering design in code. The hazard of Big Design Up Front in software is that you don’t yet know what you don’t know, and design decisions made too