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The Good Parts of Domain Driven Design

The greenfield project started out so promising. Instead of devolving into big ball of mud, the team decided to apply domain-driven design principles. Ubiquitous language, proper boundaries, encapsulation, it all made sense.

Domain-Driven Design for the Database Driven Mind

For the long-time database focused developer, setting persistence concerns in the back seat as you shift your focus to designing software around solving business problems is a scary prospect. But it doesn’t need to be.

Crafted Software Design

How can we quickly tell what an application is about? How can we quickly tell what it does? How can we distinguish business concepts from architecture clutter? How can we quickly find the code we want to

Architect Enterprise Applications with Domain-Driven Design

This session allows you to examine the essential elements of Domain-Driven Design (DDD), both the strategic and tactical modeling tools. Attendees see the problems commonly faced without the use of DDD. By looking at the common struggles

Unbreakable Domain Models

Data Mappers (like Doctrine2) help us a lot to persist data. Yet many projects are still struggling with tough questions: Where to put business logic? How to protect our code from abuse? Where to put queries, and