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Open Source Scalable Continuous Integration

Many open source tools are available for continuous integration (CI). Only a few operate well at large scale. And almost none are built to scale in a distributed environment. Come find out the challenges of implementing CI

Automate Your Software Delivery Pipeline

The challenge facing developers today is to reduce the time between writing code and getting it into production, all while maintaining quality. What’s needed is a workflow built upon highly integrated and automated tools so that developers

Revolutionizing Continuous Integration with Selenium

In a perfect world you’d expect developed code to be “bug-free” or “clean”. However as we all know, this is not a perfect world and there will always be bugs. Our goal is to capture as many

Char by Char Continuous Integration

Learn how to building a simple yet flexible continuous integration server from scratch using Powershell.

Improving Software Quality with Jenkins

As more teams move to agile development and CI to reduce delivery cycles, new requirements have emerged to ensure software quality. Manfred Moser will discuss emerging trends, best practices for ensuring quality in agile, component-based development, and