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People, Platforms and Pipelines

Your users shouldn’t be waiting months to access new features. Your development team shouldn’t be stuck chasing for infrastructure or databases to be created. How can platforms and pipelines help keep you focused on the needs of

Chaos Engineering

Software is developed and operated by fallible human beings while running atop unreliable distributed infrastructure. Yet, we need the software to work reliably. To make things worse, as the complexity and number of these services increase, our

Microservices Architecture Patterns in the Cloud

Gilt, a billion dollar e-commerce company, implemented a sophisticated microservices architecture on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure to handle millions of customers visiting their site at noon every day. The microservices architecture pattern enables independent service

Java Developer Tooling in the Cloud

In this talk we take a look at the latest changes and new features of the Spring Tool Suite, the Eclipse-based IDE that comes packed with support for Spring, Groovy, Grails, Gradle, AspectJ, and Cloud Foundry. We

Microservices for PaaS with Spring and Cloud Foundry

Microservices – small, loosely coupled applications that follow the Unix philosophy of “”doing one thing well”” – represent the application development side of enabling rapid, iterative development, horizontal scale, polyglot clients, and continuous delivery. They also enable