BDD Archive

BDD for PHP with PhpStorm and PhpSpec

This video explains the Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) workflow in PhpStorm IDE and show you how to drive the design of your code with PhpSpec. With a focus on refactoring, source and file navigation, live templates and autocompletions

Pro Tips for Testing with Cucumber

This video shares pro tips for using and advancing the state of your usage of Cucumber, including Ruby, xPath, Selenium. Your will find more information on this topic in the article Improving Cucumber Tests Performance written by

Using Cucumber and RSpec for Behavior Driven Development

Learn how to perform BDD in Ruby with RSpec and Cucumber with this two-parts video. Resource: RSpec Best Practices

Behavior-Driven Development in the Real World

Behavior-Driven Development is more than a technique for creating and organizing unit tests. It is also a wonderful way to communicate with customers and users about the software being created. This video demonstrates some techniques and tools

Getting Started with GivWenZen

This screencast gives a 10 minute how to on getting started with GivWenZen. GivWenZen allows a user to use the BDD Given When Then vocabulary and plain text sentences to help a team get the words right