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Developing Maintainable Android Apps

The number of Android Libraries available is enormous and that number continues to grow day-by-day! But should you try to incorporate them all into your application? Do you really need to use EventBus, RxJava, and Custom Observables?

Survive a Legacy Code Apocalypse

God views, highly coupled classes, untested activities… the Fragment lifecycle!!;I’ve been working in Android since 2008 and lately, as the platform matures, the apps codebase is getting bigger. In these big codebases there is legacy code all

Efficient Software Architecture: Strategies for Reusable Code

This presentation proposes strategies to identify good candidates for re-usability, how to create requirements to make the library useful, and steps to limit scope and ensure the library is useful without getting in the way. The video

Can Groovy Help Android Developers?

For 10 years, Groovy has dramatically improved the productivity of Java developers on the desktop. With unique like closures, builders, AST transformations, traits, optional static compilation and many more, Groovy turned out to be a very competitive

Android Accessibility

What is accessibility in the Android world and why is it important? This presentation by Twitter’s Sommer Panage discusses basic accessibility for Android, testing, and custom views.