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Building Mashups: Common Techniques and New HTML5 Features

When building mashups, you need to consider different techniques to solve the cross-domain issue that is caused by the browser’s Same Origin Policy. This session gives you an overview of possible techniques to overcome that problem.

Ajax is History: Build Real Time Apps in JavaScript

This video explains how to build the next generation of real-time browser based apps with JavaScript and related technologies. It says that Ajax is history and shares approaches, the technologies used and the architecture used in building

Ajax Libraries Compared: Prototype versus jQuery

Contrary to popular belief, Ajax is not rocket science, especially with the right library. This videos explore the popular Prototype and jQuery libraries showing how they can simplify typical Ajax techniques and make JavaScript easier to work

Angular Framework for Web Applications

Angular is an open source framework allows you to extend the HTML vocabulary, have proper business-logic / presentation separation through bidirectional data-binding, declarative application assembly through dependency-injection and testability story like no other framework. Angular is a

Introduction to Glimpse

Glimpse is an open source tool that allows you to debug your ASP.NET web site or web service right in the browser. Glimpse allows you to “Glimpse” into what’s going on in your web server. In other