Successful Code Sharing Principles for Mobile Development

Building mobile apps is hard work, getting code shared across the different platforms is even harder. Honestly, I am lazy and I don’t want to repeat myself so I do whatever I can to only write code

The Good Bad Bug: Fail Your Way to Better Code

Programming history is filled with bugs that turned out to be features and limitations that pushed developers to make even more interesting products. We’ll journey through code that was so ‘bad’ it was actually good. Along the

Software Developers Plantations

Have you ever wondered why great multi-billion dollar software products changing our lives are built in the US, Western Europe or Australia and not in Poland, Ukraine or Bulgaria? Uber, Facebook, Spotify, Tesla (sic!), JIRA – all

How to Interact with Software Developers

From the four statements that the Agile Manifesto gave us, we often succeed in the last three. We often manage to make software that works, we try to listen to our customers, and we even sacrifice personal

Why the Fuss about Serverless?

This talk examines the level of situational awareness within business, why it matters and whether we can anticipate and exploit change before it hits us. We look into the changes that are occurring with the development of