Becoming a Skeptic Software Tester

“I don’t know”. These might just be the hardest words to say in any language. We avoid saying them, scared of coming across as doubtful and uncertain. This fear is understandable as we admire those who are

Designing for Performance

What does it really mean to design software for high-performance? Performance is such a generic and misunderstood subject. In this talk the subject of software performance will be explored. We will focus on what is means to

Delivering Unicorns

Brand new shiny’ project(s), no legacy, everything to build and design from scratch.. Is this the dream scenario? Well, can be a nightmare when under this description is hidden few years old project which is still under

Crowdsourcing Software Architecture: The Distributed Achitect

Software architects need to have it all: exceptional technological know-how, up-to-date programming experience, good people skills, ability to abstract, knowledge of important architectural styles and tactics, and visionary leadership. It has always been difficult to find all

Putting the Right Software Developers on the Right Projects

When you think of a software developer what comes to mind? A programmer living in San Francisco working 23 hours a day on the next Facebook? If so, you wouldn’t be alone. Like so many industries, software