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Bridging the Designer-Developer Gap

It is not surprising that designers and software developers tend to be separate teams. Designers are all about creativity and art; software developers are about logic and effectiveness. Yet what we don’t realize is that both of

A Developer Guide to the UX Galaxy

Is UX and UI design reserved for people with artistic skills that can “feel” what’s right? Or is there a more systematic approach we can take? We will talk about how you can predict, detect and avoid

UX is not Only the Responsibility of the UXer

Some people in the software development industry still seem to think, that UX is some kind of unicorn fairy dust, that you sprinkle on a project in the end, and then it will magically make everything, that

Applying Design Principles to Software Development

This presentation shares some thoughts and experience on how you can apply design principles to software development, whether you work in a waterfall- or agile way, to be able to create products that people will love as

Accessibility as a Driver for Software Quality

Accessibility is a quality outcome of a good software design and development practice. However, accessibility is commonly overlooked on product teams, or is considered a secondary or tertiary concern to be addressed at the end of product