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Becoming a Skeptic Software Tester

“I don’t know”. These might just be the hardest words to say in any language. We avoid saying them, scared of coming across as doubtful and uncertain. This fear is understandable as we admire those who are

Separating Allocation from Code

My development career has taken me from AAA games to high performance server programming to front end web applications. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot through following seemingly counter-intuitive advice. I was taught to write tests

Programming with GUTs

These days testing is considered a sexy topic for programmers. Who’d have thought it? But what makes for good unit tests (GUTs)? There’s more to effective unit testing than just knowing the assertion syntax of a framework.

BDD for PHP with PhpStorm and PhpSpec

This video explains the Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) workflow in PhpStorm IDE and show you how to drive the design of your code with PhpSpec. With a focus on refactoring, source and file navigation, live templates and autocompletions

Performance Best Practices with PageSpeed

The PageSpeed family of tools is designed to help you optimize the performance of your website. PageSpeed Insights products will help you identify performance best practices that can be applied to your site, and PageSpeed optimization tools