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Microservices Architecture Patterns in the Cloud

Gilt, a billion dollar e-commerce company, implemented a sophisticated microservices architecture on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure to handle millions of customers visiting their site at noon every day. The microservices architecture pattern enables independent service

Microservices with Service Fabric

Service Fabric is a Microsoft tool that lets developers focus on building features that add business value to their application, without the overhead of designing and writing additional code to deal with issues of reliability, scalability, or

Evolutionary Architecture and Micro-Services

While micro-services are all the rage, they need to be approached with caution. Using the techniques of evolutionary architecture, coupled with continuous delivery, allows for the micro-services architecture and its companion data architecture to evolve. This talk

Microservices for PaaS with Spring and Cloud Foundry

Microservices – small, loosely coupled applications that follow the Unix philosophy of “”doing one thing well”” – represent the application development side of enabling rapid, iterative development, horizontal scale, polyglot clients, and continuous delivery. They also enable

Pluggable Test Infrastructures

At Groupon we utilize a ‘Pluggable Test Infrastructure’, where we express tests using high-level behaviors, and avoid precise web actions like “click”. We build tests around behaviors and outcomes. The infrastructure “plugs in” multiple test implementations at