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Successful Code Sharing Principles for Mobile Development

Building mobile apps is hard work, getting code shared across the different platforms is even harder. Honestly, I am lazy and I don’t want to repeat myself so I do whatever I can to only write code

Java on Mobile

With JavaFX, Java made its comeback on the client. It has never been easier to create an application in Java and deploy it on desktop, mobile and tablet. This presentation shows the current state of JavaFX on

Developing Maintainable Android Apps

The number of Android Libraries available is enormous and that number continues to grow day-by-day! But should you try to incorporate them all into your application? Do you really need to use EventBus, RxJava, and Custom Observables?

Mobile Design Essentials

Google Product Director Luke Wroblewski discusses designing for mobile in 2015. In today’s world, not all screens are equal, and this presentation talks about the key themes you need to remember when designing your website. Part 2

Survive a Legacy Code Apocalypse

God views, highly coupled classes, untested activities… the Fragment lifecycle!!;I’ve been working in Android since 2008 and lately, as the platform matures, the apps codebase is getting bigger. In these big codebases there is legacy code all